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We need your help to make Heroic Mercenaries greenlit !

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Heroic Mercenaries takes place in a medieval fantastic world.

You play as a mage who sells his skills as a mercenary to fight in difficult and heroic missions !

Powerful allies will help you in your missions.

You will become more and more powerful as you do missions, unlocking new skills and spells.

Completing missions will increase your fame, helping you to gather even more powerful allies.

But don't fail ! Your allies will get injured and your fame will suffer.

Heroic Mercenaries is a top-down shooter with RPG elements.

During missions, enemies appear continuously until the goal of the map is reached.

The goal varies between missions, it can be :

  • Kill the boss.
  • Destroy the enemy base.
  • Protect your base.

  • Genre: Action, RPG, Shooter.
  • Platforms : Windows, Mac and Linux !
  • Languages : English and French.
  • Players : Single-player.
  • Steam cards and achievements will be included !
  • When : End of 2017, probably in autumn.


Heroic Mercenaries Demo.zip 77 MB


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Heroic Mercenaries is a neat little game that could use some loving. That's what our feedback is for though right? So, if you see anything you like. Give the devs a shout out and your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to watch this first look.